Why I joined the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) 2015 Challenge

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Why I joined the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) 2015 Challenge?

http://cqjp2015.blogspot.com.au/  Ingrid Lee participates in crazy quilt challenge

http://cqjp2015.blogspot.com.au/ Ingrid Lee participates in crazy quilt challenge


Don't you have enough on your plate Ingrid?

(Yes... 😉 )  But it's more than adding to my busy schedule of international canvas and porcelain exhibitions, writing books and art projects.

It's all part of organising my ME time, the time I get to de-stress and enjoy creating beautiful pretty things just for pure pleasure of creating.  That is worth making the time and space, don't you think?

So, I decided to join the CQJP challenge on facebook, which involves producing one CQ block per month for all of this year; so there will be 12 blocks in total.


What will I create?

You all know how much I love silk ribbon embroidery, well now, I'm going to apply my fabric prints and designs to creating new things with them.

The best thing so far- and I haven't even sewn a stitch, is that I've met lots of inspiring Crazy quilters and made new creative friends, a bonus part of this journey...AND been inspired by lots of beautiful work, laces, embellishments and fabrics.

Once a month I'll be sharing my templates and designs and sharing how I go.  I have NEVER done quilting before or crazy quilting, so this will be something new.  I'm not new to embellishing, see here, here; however there are lots of new skills to learn!


How do I start my Crazy Quilting?

Well, I'm making a heart shape CQ pillow first.  I've gone through my very skeletal stash to put together some ideas, and I've bought some new bits and pieces to make it all come together.  I'll be sharing more about this on my next post.

Here are some ideas from my new CQ friend Barbara at Raviolee Dreams:

398083_4271818033945_2053196372_n 10550968_10202465164490663_1350760932450034376_n

One thing I am doing is only buying what I will need for this project (1 block) and my next project (6 blocks).  It's the approach I have to all my creative pursuits, to only buy what I need- or believe me, I'll go nuts with all the beautiful things you can buy for CQ!  I've already bought a few things, see below.  That's one of my embroidered fabric prints in the middle.  I'm looking at doing a modern style for this one.

Ingrid Creates Crazy quilt materials

I have started some albums on Pinterest to collate my ideas (some are private albums) but I'm really enjoying the research and finding ideas.


What are you starting this year, as a way to make some "ME" time?  Check out our online courses, you might find something there in porcelain paintings, silk ribbon embroidery or other art forms.

If you do crazy quilting, I'd love to hear from you, and any great sites you can recommend to learn from, just add them in the comments.

Here are my favorites so far:

CQJP215 Blog

Ivory Blush Roses

Sharon B's Pintangle

Kitty and Me



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  1. I love this idea, Ingrid! Can’t wait to see what you do each month. Your heart pillow you are starting with is going to be beautiful!

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    • Thanks Pat, I’m so excited. I just wanted to start with something simple, and I had a lot of fabrics at home already, I only had to get a few trims. Then I can start my daughter’s baptism CQ which I’ll frame. I’ve already been buying lots of lace items and buttons and other embellishments so I’m ready to start!! But this is my relaxation time which I’m making, and I’m really looking forward to it!

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  2. You are one your way – what a beautiful collection of pretties to start your journey and what a nice surprise to see pictures of my hearts on your site – I am honored. So very happy we have crossed paths and looking forward to lots of chats and sharing our creative ideas. Hugs, Nicki

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    • Thanks Barbara, I added links back to your blog on the images, hope that’s fine. I love your work and beautiful pieces, which will look amazing on my CQ’s over the next few projects. I’m so happy we met too…big hugs x

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  3. Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing! The post is really great! Greets, Lee Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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  4. I have only been doing CQ and SRE for just over a year. I am also doing CQJP2015. I am following the same blogs that you have listed plus

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