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    Valentina Razenkova

    My visit to Needlework DeLuxe (Рукоделие ДеЛюкс) in St Petersburg

    This is the last post about my trip to St Petersburg…it was a wonderful experience with many opportunities.  Among the many beautiful boutiques I visited and shopped at, Valentina Razenkova took me to visit to Needlework DeLuxe (Рукоделие ДеЛюкс)… Continue reading

    Art study trip to St Petersburg, what did I really learn?

    I had the most brilliant and inspirational art study trip to St Petersburg Russia, in October 2011.  So, what did I really learn? HEAPS!!!!!   I had a wonderful opportunity to work with three artists, Valentina Razenkova… Continue reading

    4 top artist’s creations about Lilacs

    Lilacs are a powerfully evocative flower, and I never realised that many other people share a similar passion for this flower.  Recently I had shared a photo of lilac sprays on facebook,  and it opened up a… Continue reading

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