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    Recent Forum Topics

    Porcelain painting

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    Sharing 13 artist and artisan Christmas art works

    Over the past two weeks I have been enjoying all of the artwork with Christmas themes which have been shared on facebook.  So I have invited 13 artists and artisans to share their Christmas art works and a bonus how to video from Fiona Stolze, in porcelain painting, oil painting, decorative art, botanical painting, embroidery and more.  I hope these artworks inspire your day…and maybe you’ll create a Christmas artwork yourself!  The following artworks are in no particular order.

    Silk painter and artist Fiona Stolze from Silk and Art

    Porcelain from Artesana En Porcelana

    Porcelain artist Brian O’Sullivan from Hillgrove Porcelain Ireland

    Watercolourist Solveig Rimstad

    Artist and designer Pablo da Luz

     Figurative Artist Phil Beck

    Decorative artist of Romantic style furnishings Debi Coules



    Silk ribbon and embroiderer Ewa Kokowszka


    Porcelain artist Patricia Zellmer from Art on Porcelain

    Mother and daughter artists from Corilees Cottage, Donna Lee Parella and Corilee 

    Artist in Porcelain and other mediums, Mary Gosden

    Botanical Artist Sigrid Frensen

    Watercolourist Trevor Waugh

    I just want to thank each of these artists who have shared their work, and if you enjoy their creations, please leave your comments below, and visit their websites or fanpages by clicking on the links, or share this blog post with your friends :)

    A contemporary design in porcelain painting

    Do you know what makes a great contemporary design?  While some contemporary or modern artworks look like a child could have completed it, there is a lot that goes into planning or inspiring these designs.  Some contemporary designs in art work, whether it is on porcelain or canvas, can be simple to execute technically, but there is a lot of thought behind the design, to communicate an idea effectively.

    Pablo Picasso explains that “Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.”

    Here is a contemporary porcelain painting of fuchsias.   While the painting technique is very simple, basically using layers of shading and penwork, the design and colour work is more complex.  It is knowing which elements of art and design you’ll use to focus on in an art work to communicate your thought or feeling, and which subject matter will best suit your idea too.



    Some elements which artists on porcelain add to their contemporary designs include enamel for textures, raised paste and gold work, acid etching, and combinations of traditional and modern techniques ( a technique which is quite popular). See other paintings.

    For my painting of Fuchsia Views, my focus was on the subject matter and it’s impression, rather than a decorative element.  I chose fuchsias because I liked the way they hang on a bush (I used life samples from my garden) and the movement they have when a breeze whisks by.  They are an intricate and very detailed flower, which I also found interesting, hence why it was titled “Fuchsia Views.”

    Fuchsia Views, Ingrid Lee


    Initially I saw bits and pieces of this design in my mind before I started planning, usually I think in colour first then line.  So the oranges and purples and aqua came to mind immediately, followed by the curved lines.

    I wanted to keep the paint work simple, but use penwork for the linear design which would express the different aspects or views of the fuchsias.

    What do think of these designs?  Have you wanted to try and design your own contemporary artwork?


    Techniques for painting aqua blue water on porcelain

    I know I’ve said before that I’m no landscape painter (see my other landscape painting), but this beach scene of Esperance really stirred me to capture the beautiful deep aqua blue of the water.  A friend had gone on a holiday there, and taken some happy snaps…this is one which inspired me to paint a landscape.  Later in this post, I’ll share with you the basic techniques I used for painting aqua blue water on porcelain. 

    Esperance Beach, Porcelain Tile, Ingrid Lee 1999.

    Esperance Beach, Porcelain Tile 29cm x 15cm, Ingrid Lee 1999.

      Esperance Beach, Ingrid Lee, 1999.

    Esperance Beach, Ingrid Lee 1999.

    The beaches surrounding Esperance in Western Australia, are a brilliant snow white. The waters are a bright aqua blue, changing to deeper, darker marina blue as the coastline drops away into the deep ocean.  Here is a photo of the area which my painting represents (the darker aqua colours shown in this photo are not present in my painting, as the sky was lighter in the original picture I worked from):


    To capture this intense brilliant, blue green colour, I used Designer Meissen Blue and Meissen Green colours for the water as I found them to be most clean and clear.  The initial first firing of the water was under painted in Meissen Yellow, merging out into a light wash of blue.  The next firing included a blending of Meissen blue and green. The subsequent firings were completed in single layers of Meissen Blue, fired, then Meissen green, with touches of pink.  I wanted to keep the colours clean and intense, hence the seperate layers of colours being fired in between.

    Have you ever used a similar technique in your porcelain painting?  Please share your approaches in the comments, or do you think this might be a technqiue you’d use?

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