Recipe for Coffee cream sponge cake

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I had many requests on facebook for this recipe, my Coffee Cream Sponge Cake.  SO HERE IT IS!!

Coffee cream cake

Coffee cream cake

This is a really quick sponge cake to make, and in total (including baking time) took around 50 minutes.  The two elements of this cake which make it so decadent and appealing is the rich coffee flavour of the glaze or syrup on the cake, as well as the piping design of the cream.  If you are not confident to do intricate cream designs, you could still spread the cream over the cake with a spatula and dust with cocoa powder, or cover with shaved dark chocolate not milk chocolate, because you want the strong flavours to complement each other.

Recipe for Coffee Cream sponge cake

1 amount of my Best Genoise Sponge cake recipe.  I baked this in a loaf tin, and poured the left over sponge batter into cupcake liners, and baked a tray of those as well (freeze these for another time).


Recipe Coffee Glaze

1.5  cups pure icing sugar

2 tablespoon coffee (granulated espresso)

2-3 Tablespoons Kahlua or coffee liqueur

hot water

Mix all ingredients together with enough water to make a thick gravy consistency. 


Coffee Cream

600mL thickened cream
2 packets cream stabiliser (if you can get it)

1/2 of the glaze mixture.

Whip the cream, stabiliser and until stiff.  Fold through the glaze.  Put 1/3 of the cream into a piping bag with a large star nozzle, place the whole bag into a clean container or freezer bag and put in the fridge to keep cool, don’t do this too ahead of time for piping your cream as the cream may sweat and curdle, despite adding the stabiliser if it is a very hot day.  


Assembling cake

Layers of Coffee cream cake

Layers of Coffee cream cake

Cut the sponge cake in half.  Brush the tops of both halves with glaze.  Place one piece of cake on top of the other.  Using a spatula apply cream over cake top and sides, smooth.  Pipe cream design on top.

Enjoy :)  If you make this cake, or just love it, please comment below.  If you have any requests for baking tips please let me know.

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  1. I’m definitely putting this on my list of “must-bake” at some point! :) Looks delicious!

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    • Thanks Shonda, it is sooooo yummy. The cupcake version of this worked out well. This recipe made enough for cupcakes and the loaf size cake :)

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  2. My eleven year old made your coffee cream sponge for his grandmothers birthday and was absolutely delicious by the way
    Had trouble with the cream splitting which i think is the hot humid weather we have been having in Perth recently.
    Also, any tips on getting the cream thick enough for piping. Never had that problem but again it could have been the weather.
    End result – wonderful. we would definately make it again

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    • Hi Remzie, I am so thrilled that your 11 year old son baked this cake! That’s so awesome, and great that you’re encouraging him to bake and cook.
      Regarding the splitting of your cream, here are a few tips:
      1) If it going to be a hot/humid day, whip cream in the morning when it is cooler.
      2) After whipping cream, put into the fridge to cool, the friction of the beaters will heat the cream too.
      3) Use the cream stabiliser I recommended in the post if you can get it.
      4) If you are piping cream in warmer weather, fill 2 bags, and put themt in the frigde in a container so that it chills for at least 30 mins. Part way through you piping, cool your hands under running water, as the heat from your hands will over heat the piping bag and split the cream as well; and swap bags.
      Thanks for your comments, I hope you Mum enjoyed her birthday cake! :)

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  3. This looks amazing! I was thinking about making this for my boyfriend’s birthday, but I just had a few questions:

    1. Firstly, is it a very sweet cake? Or is the cream really sweet? I’m not really after an overly sweet cake so need to know if I have to reduce the amount of sugar.
    2. If I’m not able to find the stabiliser and omit it, will it still work if I want to frost it as you have? Or would I be better off just covering the cake with it?

    Thank you :)

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    • Thanks for visiting….I’m sure you’re boyfriend will love this cake! To answer you questions:
      1) To control the sweetness, I would add small amounts of the icing sugar to the cream, like in 1/4 amounts and taste in between until you feel it is sweet enough for you. Leave the sugar amount in the coffee syrup.
      2) Yes, you can omit the stabliser….I use it when it is humid or warmer weather, but there are many times I do not use it. It will still work :)

      Please let me know if you have anyother questions :) Add a photo on the facebook fan page, I’d love to see it!!! Happy Baking xx

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      • Thank you for the speedy reply! I will :) Is the sponge cake itself quite sweet as well? Just so I know if I need to control the sugar levels for that too – so excited to make this!!

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