Premier Art Courses

Are premier courses for me?

These are the ultimate online masterclass!  Premier courses are limited edition masterclasses for silk ribbon embroiderers, porcelain painters and canvas artists who have intermediate to experienced or advanced knowledge, and are designed to explore and push your creativity and technical skill level, understanding of art theory for designing your own work.

This course is not available for POD hosting.

This course is not for absolute beginner to intermediate level students who want to learn the basics.


Premier courses are limited Master class courses which are:

  • Offered only once a year for each course areas of- Floral Embroidery, Porcelain Painting and Canvas/mixed media painting.
  • Limited to a maximum of 10 students worldwide per course area.
  • More interactive.  You will get online, individual face to face consulting time with Ingrid, including the regular video connection to the online classroom.
  • More collaborative.  You will get access to an online private VIP Hangout so we can connect as a group in real time as well as a VIP Forum on this site.  This is available for Premier course participants only, during the entire time of course.


How is it different from other courses?

  • The course content involves very specialised techniques and themes which Ingrid uses as a professional artist which she will share with you.
  • These skills and techniques are not part of regular online classes available here at Ingrid Creates, and are only available during in-person master classes.  The higher level of interaction and contact which I can provide during Premier classes enables me to teach and share these valuable tools and techniques with you.
  • You will develop your own portfolio of work and learn the research skills for developing your designs like a professional artist. I will provide one of my line designs as a guide where necessary, but you will learn the valuable skills of developing a small range of projects, making them authentically your style.


What is the learning time for Premier courses?

Premier classes are a combination of live and recorded classes, demonstrations, personal online consultations, group chats and download materials offered over a 6 WEEK time commitment.



Sound great? But is there a little voice inside saying, maybe it's not for me?

Well, I have a bigger voice which says YES YOU CAN, and I know that you can create your own designs because you will work with me personally, guiding you along the way.


 I will guide you step by step in:

  • Choosing how to be creative
  • Understanding how to express yourself artistically, whether it is in painting or other artistic pursuits
  • Explore your thinking and technical skills as an artist
  • Develop the skills and know how to improve your art work and creativity

Through practical weekly exercises, I'll help you:

  • Shift your mindset and trust yourself
  • Expose your artistic flair
  • Develop a new creative process
  • Discover the most important gift you’ll ever need as an artist
  • Learn practical drawing and painting exercises to open your creative mind and get inspired
  • Apply these new skills and tools instantly to your own paintings and designs instantly and for the rest of your artistic life.


This is the ultimate masterclass.


Sound interesting? Inspiring? Scary? Exciting?

Well, it should, that’s what being creative is…even for a professional artist of nearly 20 years like myself!

Are you ready to start your next journey as an artist?

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