Orange and yellow poppies on porcelain plate in lustres, Ingrid Lee

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Hi there ....

While pinks and rubies are favourite colours of mine....oranges and yellows are another striking favourite.  Using orange and yellows as a colour in painting for me conveys joy, warmth and happiness.





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For this porcelain plate, I have used the similar techniques I described for the outside of the poppies bowl, except the background was built up by blending wet in wet lustres for the one firing, resulting in a strong undiluted orange at the bottom of the plate, and then working out gradually to a diluted orange at the top.

Yellow and orange poppies porcelain plate in lustres, Ingrid Lee

Yellow and orange poppies porcelain plate in lustres, Ingrid Lee


I should note that I didn't draw any part of this design onto the plate, it was painted freely to enable the poppies to take their own shape, however I did have a design element for placement roughly drawn out on paper!

The poppies were 'wiped out of the background' but I wanted to create more effects into the portrayal of the poppy itself.  I aimed to create more petals based on theses photos of poppies:





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  1. I too love playing with lusters. I have never done anything so involved though. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing

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  2. I love your lusters. I am just starting to practice poppies on a couple of plates. More stylized, but practice makes every endeavor better. The ideas in my head are prettier than the paintings so far.

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    • Hi Janet…with lustres, it is practice, but more about knowing how your work will fire, and the different ways you can apply techniques to achieve what you want…and that takes a while to learn 😉 Our lustre courses will be ready in December and hopefully they will help you develop your style.
      I think all of our ideas start off great in our heads…and over time they will work out how you expect. I still have things that don’t work as I expected, and that’s the challenge of lustres! Stylized flowers are a great way to practice lustre painting too, it’s more freeing and you can focus on technique. Great to hear you a loving lustres :)

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