Online lustre painting on porcelain class- Daisies and asters

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Learn how to paint with lustres on porcelain online, here at Ingrid Creates Online Arts School, in your time, at your pace- forever access to your course!


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Course name: Daisy and Asters

Skill: Beginner/Intermediate

How you will learn:

  • BASICS- This course teaches the basic techniques for lustre painting.
  • CREATE- How to create this one design in many different ways using Ingrid’s own painting samples.
  • FEEDBACK- Get expert  advice from Ingrid Lee.  Upon completion of your course, submit a photo of your work and Ingrid will send you a certificate of completion and some feedback about your progress.  Want personalised feedback via skype?  Read further.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS- to 1 module, 6 videos, 2 design sheets, Course Essentials e-book, Free tutorials and articles about porcelain painting.
  • LIVE FREE WEBINAR- Upon enrolling in the course, you are automatically registered to participate in monthly FREE Live webinar exclusive to embroidery students here at Ingrid Creates Online Arts School.  This is a free webinar where you get to ask questions about the course, share your ideas with other students and Ingrid.




This course is designed for porcelain painters with some experience who want to learn the basics of lustre painting- a great foundation course.  Over 6 video lessons, PLUS BONUS  access to a blog tutorial of daisies with lustres, you will learn how to plan a free form design (of course you can use our designs in your course e-book), how to plan your firings and stages of lustre application, learning about lustre painting materials and your work area, and design elements for creating an expressive painting.

Lustre on porcelain classes online- Daisy and Asters at Ingrid Creates Online Arts School

Course breakdown

Ingrid teaches you via 6 video lessons, PLUS BONUS  access to a blog tutorial of daisies with lustres, and written instructions of demonstrations and exercises, Course Essentials e-book and photo galleries of her works to inspire.

Here’s what the course looks like:

  1. Unit 1- Introduction, choosing your colours, planning your design.

  2. Unit 2- Planning and drawing your design, Painting the background

  3. Unit 3-  Wipe out techniques with lustre.

  4. Unit 4- Assessing results of the first firing and painting second firing with lustres.

  5.  Unit 5- Platinum Pen work and flower centres

  6. Unit 6- Assessing results of second firing, Gold pen work

Materials: 6" - 10" porcelain plate, Lustre paints, liquid bright gold, platinum, brushes, methylated spirits, lustre solvents.  You can purchase lustres and brushes from our Online store, or use what you have at home.

Cost: $67  AUD

You have evergreen access to this course after payment, watch when you want, even in a year's time.  Participate in monthly webinars with Ingrid to ask questions and advice about this course.

Upgrade: $40  AUD Would you like Personal Feedback on your progress?

You can upload your work in progress, and schedule 2 x 20 minute, one-to-one Web-calls with Ingrid Lee for personalised feedback and review.


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