Lustre painting on porcelain

Posted By on Jan 12, 2011 | 10 comments

Hi there ....

While I adore painting on porcelain with overglaze paints, lustres on porcelain, I find are a really expressive medium which allows more freedom and exploration of ideas.




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For those of you who are unfamiliar with porcelain painting, lustres are a thin, metallic film added onto glazed or bisque china before firing.  Once the porcelain is fired, the luster has an irridescent effect, but the difficulty in working with this medium is that you do not know exactly how the colour will turn out prior to firing.






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  1. I love your pieces, very vibrant. Where do you get your lusters? I also use lusters and china paint I am having problems getting my luster colors as deep as yours. Thanks for any help

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    • Hi Pat, thanks for reading, and your comments :) I get my lustres from a company here in Australia, but they are no longer stocking these lustres, so I need a new supplier :( However, I am looking into it at the moment, and I’ll email you when I find them! They are very vibrant which is why I love them, the colours are really pure. I don’t dilute my lustres too much unless I’m making tonal values. I’ll be posting more of my lustre work soon.
      You can also build up layers to achieve greater depth.

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  2. Dear Ingrid!
    I like your works very much. Thank you for your message. I like paint porcelain, I finished akademy Shtiglits, professional artist, a member of Artist Union of Russia. I would like to know more about you. Please, write me.
    My best wishes for you.Marina.

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    • Thanks Marina for visiting my site! It is a pleasure and honour to have you view my works :) Chat soon, Ingrid

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  3. I was intrigued with the brother/sister Luster painting. I once saw a portrait painted with all luster’s. i bought the luster’s but never tried the technique. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, I enjoy your Art Work!!

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    • Hi Pat, thanks for visiting the site and enjoying my artwork. I’m not sure about the style of artwork you want to create for the portrait. If you can let me know that, then I can offer some more suggestions. I work in lustres like any painting…you need to work in values. I’ll post a basic run down of how I painted the grapes in lustres later this week…it might give you some more insight into explaining the layers. So check back later in the week :)

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  4. I am told you can’t get Madigras luster any more because the person selling it died. I wonder if mother of pearl
    is still available. Violet A. Spencer

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