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    How to make a roses cupcake bouquet

    What is a cupcake bouquet??  I didn’t know either, before I’d made this recipe, but I’m really glad I took the challenge to try it…really well worth the effort!  Since baking and decorating my bouquet the other day, I’ve already made another one this week for my girlfriend’s daughter’s birthday in pink and lavender colours.

    It’s an easy cake to make and decorate (believe it or not!) and most of all it’s very impressive!   Here is my version of a cupcake bouquet with roses, for Mother’s Day:

    How to make a roses cupcake bouquet

    How to make a roses cupcake bouquet


    In this post I’ll share with you the recipes, a quick video which demonstrates how to pipe the roses with the two toned colour effect onto the cupcake, as well  instructions on how to assemble the cupcake bouquet.

      How to make a roses cupcake bouquet recipe


     The cupcakes are vanilla sponge, filled with lemon cheesecake creme, topped with my Now-not-so-secret white chocolate frosting flavoured with rosewater. I went for a vintage style effect for the overall design and colours.  The colours of the roses were inspired by some glorious roses which are in their last blooms in my garden, called Alfred Sisley (see other posts related to this rose) which are part of the Grand Parfum Delbard roses here is a photo from my garden:

    Alfred Sisley Rose
    Alfred Sisley Rose

    Aren’t these colours gorgeous!?! 


    Rose cupcake Recipe

    The cupcake was made with my Best Genoise Sponge cake recipe, fill the patty pans a little over 3/4’s of the way, but only bake the cupcakes for about 12 minutes or so, you’ll have to watch the baking time as they can over cook and go hard.  For my bouquet, I made 18 medium sized cupcakes, and 24 mini cupcakes.


    Lemon Cheesecake Creme Filling Recipe

    I was looking for a filling for these cupcakes which would cut down the sweet pungency of the rose scented frosting of the rose cupcakes, and my options were lemon or almond, which are flavours that work well with rose.  I opted for lemon, and created a quick cheesecake creme filling flavoured with lemon juice and zest…pretty much this was an “on the spot” made up recipe which worked well, and I’m definitely going to use it again as a cake filling and dessert or parfait filling.  It has a soft and silky creme like texture, is low fat (I know I do not do low fat recipes, but there is a method to the madness!) and flavoured with a zing of lemon…very luscious and addictive on it’s own ;)

     1 tub (250mL) of 60% less fat Kraft Philidelphia cream cheese for cooking (it is soft already and silky smooth)

    juice and zest of 1/2 a medium sized lemon

    3/4 cup sifted pure icing sugar

    1 teaspoon gelatine powder + 50 mL boiling water


    1) Using electric beaters, whip cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth and the icing sugar has dissolved.  Ad juice and lemon zest, mix in.

    2) Mix gelatine with boiling water and add to cheesecake mix, again mix with beaters until well combined. 

    3) Cover bowl with plastic food wrap and put in fridge to cool for 10 minutes.  It will set to a creme consistency, not too firm, but silky.  The gelatine helps it hold it’s shape a little better, and it is easier to pipe this filling because of the low fat content in the cream cheese.

    4) Using a Bismark #230  Wilton piping tip, fill a piping bag with the Lemon cheesecake creme and pipe into the middle of each cupcake.  Put cupcakes in a covered container and return to fridge until ready to top with frosting.


    Rose scented white chocolate frosting Recipe

    The frosting on top of the cake was made with My Secret White Chocolate Frosting which I used for my Handpainted Easter cake.  (TIP: You could also hand paint daisies onto cupcakes topped with royal icing from the video at the Easter Cake as an alternative to this design, download the video to learn how).  I added 1  1/2 tablespoons of Pure Rosewater to the frosting, if you are using rose essence then use less, or according to taste.  I decided to flavour the roses with rosewater to give a more ‘real’ experience to the bouquet…it is a very luscious effect, especially when you contrast the rose flavoured topping with lemon cheesecake creme in the cupcake filling.

    How to make two coloured roses with frosting

    This part is really easy and so effective!  All you need to do is apply Wilton’s rose coloured edible gel colouring to the inside of the piping bag, and smear it around (I had rubber gloves on, so I dipped my finger into the colouring and applied it to the bag).  Press the bag down on the outside and rub it around.  Then add your frosting.

    #1M Wilton tip for piping roses

    #1M Wilton tip for piping roses


    Making two tone roses for piping roses

    Making two tone roses for piping roses

    How to pipe the roses onto the cupcakes (VIDEO)

    You’ll need:

    * #1M Wilton’s tip and LARGE COUPLER

    * Piping bag

    * 1 quantity of White chocolate frosting

    * Wilton’s edible food gel in the colours Rose and Yellow

    TIP:  I coloured one batch of frosting with a little yellow food colouring, so that I had some roses which were cream and pink, and others where custard yellow and dark pink…it makes the bouquet look more ‘real.’

    The first rose you’ll pipe will be one colour, then you’ll see the two tone working through.  What makes these roses look like roses, is the key to painting all roses…the dark or deeper throat/centre of the rose…that is the important step to get right.  Enjoy the video ;)



    How to make the cupcake bouquet

    Here are instructions on how to pipe the roses and assemble the cupcake bouquet.  You’ll need:

    * 1 small pot planter, or terracotta pot, or plastic urn

    * 2-3 meters of ribbons which are 2cm wide, I used two colours of ribbons to create interest.

    * Toothpicks


    * Dressmaking pins

    * Florist’s foam

    * Coloured tissue paper


    How to make cupcake bouquet1) Place florist foam into a plant pot. 2) Trim the top so that it has a curve3) Stuff tissue paper into the gaps around the foam4) Tie a ribbon around the pot.   How to make cupcake bouquet1) Pin 10cm cut strips of ribbon, foldedin a loop to the foam.2) Pierce a hole into the first placement of  yourcupcake, into the foam FIRST.

    3) Then pierce a hole at the bottom of your cupcake.

     How to assemble a cupcake bouquet1) Now that you’ve made a hole in the cupcake,insert the toothpick into the foam, push cupcakeon top of the toothpick- that’s why you make the holefirst!! Or you’ll get squashed cupcake! How to assemble a cupcake bouquet1) Pin 2 more loops of ribbon behind the first rose asshown in this picture. 2) Place a mini cupcake on either side of the largeone.
     How to assemble a cupcake bouquet1) Next finish attaching the roses around the sidesof the pot.2) Filling in behind each rose with the loops ofribbon as shown in this picture. How to assemble a cupcake bouquet1) Here you can see the small and medium sized cupcakes are layered in an odd and even pattern.2) You need to place the cupcakes so that the roses arefacing at different angles to give the bouquet effect.

    3) Don’t worry about any gaps, because they will be

    filled in by more loops of ribbon afterwards,

    see the picture below.

    4) Keep layering with the cupcakes, until you’ve

    gone all the way around.




    I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe and project for making a cupcake bouquet.  Please leave your comments or questions, I always reply….Happy Baking!


    Cupcake Bouquet of roses

    Store your cupcake bouquet in the fridge, all of my food in my fridge is in sealed containers, so I wasn't worried about contamination. But if you have a plastic tub large enough to store this in...that would be ideal.

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