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Pick a course (or two)

Have a look through our courses on the Free Mini Tutorials page and on the individual courses pages.  You can enroll in more than one course at a time.

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Click on the 'Get more info' button on each picture of the course you are interested in, and if you like what you see, click the Buy Now button.

Once you have purchased your course via PayPal, you will get an email that has your unique link to the watch the course.  Click that link, and you will see your course!  In the first unit of your course, you will find the links to download your Course essentials ebook.

You can buy materials at our store or use what you have at home, or purchase from any specialty retailer.  Read more here.


How do I access my courses later?

Your access to courses are evergreen, you can watch whenever you like.  Simply go to Menu> My Profile> My courses



Maybe you want to learn as a group and host a POD class?  Read more here

Before you buy a course, just make sure you check out my guide for 'Which course is best for my skill level?'



Say hello

While you wait for your course to start, add some detail to your profile and say hello in our Creative Forum area.  Introduce yourself to everyone here, share a photo of any of your works, your website/blog if you have one and which course you will be studying.

You can even use the social links in to invite your friends to join you.


Get started

The Online course is accessed through the Ingrid Creates Online Art School website, read more here How do I learn art online?

You can access your course at a time that is convenient for you. At any time, you can view all of your current courses by logging in.

Make sure you have watched any Free Mini tutorials recommended for your course prior to starting; and that you have all of your materials ready.


I'm having trouble accessing my course or download materials. Who can help me?

All of you information is sent to your email address. Please check your spam or junk folder for our email also.

If you are still experiencing technical problems watching the video or accessing the Creative forum or site, please contact our Student Advisor . Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply to your request.


Set your plan

Within the classroom for each course, you can see a run-down of the topics covered in each of the modules. All of the content will be available from the moment the course begins, and you can follow the basic course outline in your e-Book.

Before you start any project, we recommend watching all the videos first, so that you are familiar with the content.


In the classroom

As you work through each learning module, you will confirm on the screen that you have completed that stage.  You cannot continue to the next video until you have completed each one.  All of the courses which you are enrolled in will be shown on the right of the screen, and you can see your progress of completion.

If you have questions, ask them in the Creative forum.


Courses, Modules and Units

Ingrid Creates Arts School curriculum is divided into Courses (For example Porcelain painting) with different course Modules (For example Beginners Daisies and Asters in lustre).

Each Module is divided into Units, covering a different aspect of the overall module theme.  At the end of each Unit, you will be asked if you have completed the work, so you can move on to the next Unit.  Once you have completed all of the Units, you will receive a certificate after submitting your photo for feedback from Ingrid.


Monthly Student Creative Chat Webinars

Every month our students are invited to join our webinars to chat about their courses and ask questions,  Read more here.

The Creative forum

To comment with your thoughts or ideas or topics in our community forum, just click the comments link at the bottom of the post, type your response and click the Comment button.

To post your own question, simply click the New Post button at the top of the forum, select any tags you may wish to use, type your content and click the Add Post button.

It may seem daunting to join in the conversation, but we find that the students who get the most out of our courses are the students who are the most involved. You may find that some of your fellow creatives have been pondering the same thing you have.

Make sure you check out The Rules and our Terms and Conditions so you are familiar with the forum use guidelines.


End of the course

Download your certificate and share your achievement, by updating your Education profile on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ please tag me in your photo!  If you want to revisit the course videos or are still working through the further readings list, you can continue to access your classroom from your account.


Continue the conversation

Just because you’ve finished your course, doesn’t mean your creativity ends there!

Join us across social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn – for more updates on what is happening at Ingrid Creates Online Arts School follow the Fan page and let us know how your experience has helped you. Share a photo of your work!


Join a our webinars or ART TALK events and hang out with creative people!

Even if you take a break between studying new courses, you can still hang out with us!  We want to see what you are creating.  Stop by the forum and chat, or better still make a cuppa and join me in our webinars.  Free Access members can watch a few of these for free, but you can access  webinars including our archived ART TALK events with international artists and product reviews once you become a Gold Member, read more.


Choose your next course

Our courses are being up dated every 6-8 weeks, so there’s never long to wait before finding another way to expand your creativity and try something new.



I hope my creative journeys and interests will inspire you to join me and hundreds of other creative people around the world to start your adventure in painting or embroidery today.
Learning with me online is easy and achievable, because it's step by step with close up video shots, just like you were sitting next to me.  Still not sure if online learning is for you?  Watch this video here.

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