Free Mini tutorials

What are Free Mini tutorials?

  • Short or mini tutorials by Ingrid Lee, that focus on one or two concepts, techniques or product information.
  • Tutorials can be viewed as blog posts or video from my art journal at Ingrid Lee Art, or here at Ingrid Creates Online Arts School.
  • I have also included other articles which might inspire you or give you more information about your area of painting or embroidery interest.
  • They cover the basic techniques and information you will need to know for any course at Ingrid Creates.
  • They are free to watch as often as you need- must be registered or logged into your account to watch.
  • You can learn basic techniques and information about ribbon embroidery, modern porcelain painting, acrylic painting, inks and mixed media in around 5 - 10 minutes per video.
  • Choose what you want to learn more about quickly, without having to watch hours of tutorial videos.
  • Get the basics quickly so you can start your online course with confidence.
  • Easy to watch and learn with my step by step instructions.
  • I HIGHLY recommend you to watch these BEFORE you start paid classes at Ingrid Creates (especially live classes) so that you are familiar with my ideas, products and techniques.

Free mini tutorial



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SR Embroidery Porcelain Painting Acrylics and Mixed media
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Basics 1 (video) Porcelain Painting Lustres Basics 1 (video) Acrylic painting Basics 1 (video)
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Basics 2 (video) Porcelain Painting Lustre Basics 2 (video)  Acrylic painting Basics 2(video)
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Basics 3 (video)  Full Tutorial for lustre and marbelizer (blog article)   Intro to Inks and mixed media Basics 1 (video)
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Basics 4 (video)   Challenge of abstract expressionism on porcelain with lustres (blog article)
Top 20 tools for successful ribbon embroidery (blog)  Progress of lustre painting on porcelain (video on blog)
 10 Top tips about Embroidery floss and threads (blog article)  Why do I create layers with lustres on porcelain? (blog article)
 Lustre Painting on porcelain (blog article)
Porcelain bowl with lustres tutorial (blog article)
Lustre Grapes on porcelain (blog article)
 Orange poppies on porcelain plate (blog article)
 What is it like to learn porcelain painting with Ingrid Lee in person?  See what these people had to say  Video 1  |  Video 2  |  Video 3
 Stages of lustre painting, Ingrid's lustre portrait in art deco style (video)



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