Easy Recipe for Cake Pops

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This was my first attempt at making cake pops, and I was inspired by many cake pop makers who are far more talented at this novelty than myself!  However, in saying that, here is my Easy Recipe for Cake Pops, even if you don't feel confident about decorating them, I've done some super simple designs which ANYONE can do!  I'll give you a list of a few sites which I though had awesome cake pop designs!  Well worth a look in :)

Blackforest cake pop

Basic Cake pop Ingredients:

* You can use premade cake or packet cake or left over cakes which you have baked, about 4 cups of cake makes 40+ cake pops.

* 3/4 cup of Frosting

* Chocolate for melting and decorating

* Packet of lolly pop sticks

* Styrofoam block and plastic wrap

* Sprinkles and decorations.

Recipe for cake pops

1) Chop cake roughly, and put into mixer, fitted with paddle.

2) Mix on medium setting until all the cake is broken  down into crumbs.

3) Add any flavouring like cinnamon, vanilla, liqueuer small  amounts.                                                                                       

Recipe for cake pops 

For this recipe I used premade cake, it already came with frosting on it as you can see in the picture, it all gets added in!  I don't usually use premade cakes, but many of the recipes I'd researched for this post also used packet cake- something I've never ventured into 😉

But for a novelty cake like these, and if you have time constraints I think the packet or premade cakes work a treat!

 Recipe for cake pops  1) Mix your frosting into the crumbed cake.  I used my chocolate frosting recipe, or you could use a white chocolate frosting or any buttercream frosting you have.  I added about 1/2- 3/4 of  a cup of frosting, as you don't want to make it too sloppy.  It needs to be a 'playdough' consistency, something you can roll into balls once chilled.2) The mixture was like a thick paste in consistency...not too sticky or they won't hold their shape well when rolling or dipping later.3) Chill the mixture (cover the bowl) so that you can roll the cake balls, I found that 20 minutes was enough time. Recipe for cake pops 

 At this point you could stir through sprinkles, or nuts- basically anything small to add a bit of difference to your cake pop. 

Recipe for cake pops  1) After it has chilled, use a melon baller to scoop amounts of cake pop mix and roll into balls. 2) Return to fridge and all to chill for 1 hour or so.  Easy Recipe for cake pops

Next step is to add the lolly pop sticks.  I bought mine from Spotlight, they are really small sticks.  I've seen on some websites, people used larger ones, I couldn't find them.  If you have a source for them, please add it to the comments at the bottom of this post.

 Recipe for cake pops Ingrid creates 1) Melt a block of chocolate, or candy melts or buttons, in your choice of white, dark or milk.  I've Used milk and white  because it's what I had :)2) Dip the lolly pop stick into the melted chocolate and then press into the cake ball.  Recipe for cake pops Ingrid creates 


Recipe for cake pops Ingrid creates  1) Return the cake pops in the fridge or freezer again to set the chocolate..this way your cake ball is less likely to fall off the stick!2) Next step is to decorate your cake pop.  I put the bowl of melted chocoalte over a bowl ofboiling water to keep it melted- do not get water into the chocolate.3) Prepare a large piece of styro foam, and cover with plastic wrap- this is what you will push the pops into while the chocolate sets on the pop!   Recipe for cake pops Ingrid creates 

 Dip cake pops into melted chocolate, wipe off excess chocolate on sides of bowl, and then dip in sprinkles or nuts or candy.  Here are some examples I made today, the roses are store bought ones!  Once you've dipped, place stick into foam, and return to fridge to set.

 cake pops  rose topped cake pop  cake pop

Blackforest cake pops

Favourite Cake pop places:

Cake Pops Recipe - they have a great video too

Bakerella- She has a book too all about Cake pops

Happy Cake popping!! :)

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  1. Very well done Ingrid :) …… where would we be without you & I will say it again you are a gem and I love your sharing & caring. Can’t wait to try them

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    • My pleasure Kirsty…I was really busy this week, so I didn’t get to decorate them in the style I wanted to, but I hope this post has given you some inspiration to try them and design something awesome :) Thanks for your comments, let me know on the fan page how you go!

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  2. Robert’s Confectionery who’s sticks you used have a website with online store where you can purchase longer sticks and also alot of sellers stock them on ebay and also alot of cake decorating online stores stock them in varying lengths.

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    • Thanks for that info Kirsty…I left my shopping tot he last minute, so I was lucky to even find them at Spotlight :) I’ll definitely look online for the next batch!

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