Creative Chat Webinars

Welcome to our Creative Chat Webinars (CCWebinars), where I bring my studio, all all of our student's studios or creative spaces together!   We invite you to grab a cuppa tune in, watch, read and have a fun with us.

These webinars are a great way to share and learn more about art, creativity, porcelain painting, ribbon embroidery and other mediums.  They are also one of they ways we build our online creative community, along side our Creative Forum.


Quick FAQs about Creative Chat Webinars

  • If you are a past or present student of our school, you are automatically registered to our Monthly Creative Chat Webinar Events.  You can attend live webinars or watch the recording for a limited time.   Due to varied time zones, we aim to record these live at different times through the year to cater to our students.
  • You are notified via email about CCWebinars dates and times, to watch it live, which means you get to ask questions live and share our works- how wonderful is that?
  • CCWebinars are for individual learning areas, porcelain painting, acrylic painting and mixed media, and silk ribbon embroidery.  So there will be 3 per month, one for each course area.
  • They are a great way for you to ask me questions about my work, studio, general painting or embroidery, and get inspired.
  • Webinars are usually 60 minutes long...make sure you have a cup of tea or coffee ready, get comfortable and enjoy creative time just for you.
  • We also hold other webinar events which are free to register, these are advertised as they are made available, via newsletter or facebook.




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