Christmas Nail art painting

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Christmas nail art can be really easy, or really elaborate, and it's a great way to get into the festive spirit.
I'm posting a small collection of some nail painting Christmas designs I 've done, from super easy, to a little more detailed.   What's more exciting, is that I'm sharing with you some nail art designs from a newbie Nail tech Kelly Harrison in my Guest Spot, AND further in the post, AND somewhere along the way is a little challenge...if you dare   ;P

Nail art designs for Christmas

Snow flake nail art with diamontes

This design is a little fiddly, but you could easily buy some stickers for the handpainted stars if you're not confident painting them yourself.  I used 2 coats of turquoise or any blue nailpolish.  French tip in white.  1 coat of blue sparkle (this sparkle has a tinted clear of blue, so it turns the white tip pale blue).  I then painted the starts, and dots for little stars in white.  Then added a clear diamonte for the centre star, and a band of pale blue diamontes along the french tip.  Coat with 2 coats of clear.

Christmas Nail art stars


This design is easier than the blue one, and again you could use stickers for the stars.  I used 2 coats of gold nailpolish, then french tipped with red.  Painted the stars in white using a migipen, and finished off with a clear diamonte in the middle of the starts and 2 coats of clear.

Candy toes nail art

Your toes shouldn't miss out on some Christmas nail art fun either!

Candycane nail art

Candycane nail art

I painted these candy canes on my Thumb and little finger- for me these are the two digits that don't get the nail polish chipping off them much, so the designs will last longer :)   This pic was taken my my I-Phone sorry for the pic quality.


Kelly Harrison Nail Technician This week I'm also sharing with your some nail art designs by a newbie to the profession, nail tech, Kelly Harrison from Nail Illusion

During this really busy time, Kelly has gladly squeezed in a couple of minutes to share with us her Favourite nail art designs for Christmas, and a quick insight  to her creative world of nail art.

What is your favorite nailart Christmas design? Why?   I love the glitters! Nothing beats sparkle.

When did your passion for nail painting turn from hobby to a business?  I have wanted to be a nail tech for 15 yrs, it wasn’t until just this year that I finally did my course and I love every minute of it. There is so much to explore and create with and not just nail polish, the amazing designs you can create with the coloured gels are sensational!

What is the biggest nail painting disaster you've had?  I cant really think of one, unless you count just last night when I tipped over a bottle of nail polish and spilt half of it….not too happy about that.

Kelly Harrison Nail Art

Kelly Harrison Christmas Nail Art

Who inspires you as an artist?  I don’t have one particular artist I follow, I am in awe of the Japanese nail art  though. It is so over the top and has so much detail. Not your everyday nails but so awesome to look at.

If you could give an advice for a novice nailartist, what would it be?   Have a go, you can always get the remover out and start again. You will be amazed with what you can create. Watch some online tutorials to give you a kickstart for designs and just have a play. There are so many fun products on the market to help you create gorgeous nails. Konad nail stamping is a fun and easy way to start creating if you are a bit unsure.

I hope you've gotten a bit of inspiration to try some designs for your nails over this Christmas period- even if it's as simple as a Christmas colour with a brush of'll be twinkling this Christmas with beautiful nails, guaranteed!  For more inspiring nail art designs see Nail Art Gallery.  Let me know if you dare to try something bold or new on your nails :)

STOP...if you dare, take the challenge...


Here's something easy if you don't have the confidence or time :

For this super easy design, choose a rich lustrous colour for Christmas, paint 2 coats.  Then on the diagonal paint across half of your nail with glitter nailpolish (this one in the pic has a variety of shapes).  How easy?  But it looks stunning and is simple! 

ANYONE can do this- and if you do try this, please post a pic of your beautiful nails on my facebook page, and I'll send you a little pic gift from me for sharing and having a go :)   (First 5 posts on my wall get the pic, so be quick!)

No more excuses girls...get painting- see you on the posts and please share with your friends on the buttons below :)

easy xmas nail art

easy xmas nail art

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