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    Ribbon Embroidery artist: Tetiana Korobeinyk

    I hope you are all having a wonderfully creative week! Hopefully I can inspire your creativity with the beautiful ribbon embroidery by Tetiana Korobeinyk. I have asked Tetiana to share with you her talent and insight to her creative world, so I hope you enjoy this feature article and video of her works!  I first saw Tetiana’s embroideries on facebook, and fell in love with the colours and the heart I feel when looking at her beautiful work; this is what her embroideries do for me anyway!

    Tetiana Korobeinyk, Ribbon Embroidery Artist


    What is your favorite subject matter to create?

    Embroidery silk and satin ribbons. Create paintings and jewelry items: bags, hairpins, brooches and manufacture of various pleasant things for the home.


    When did your passion for your art turn from hobby to selling your work?

    I embroidered for six years, but had nowhere to sell my works and I did not have a computer with the internet then. Therefore, only after meeting the artist Zahi Issa, who supported me to believe in myself, I started selling. My dream, to have a small shop, which create a embroidery, where people could see all of my art works and buy!

    What sort of research and or reference materials do you do use for your work?

    I studied the books by Ann Cox, Di van Niekerk, and the website Gallery.Ru, where you’ll find the happy family lives of ribbon embroidery masters…we learn from each other, support, help and advise.


    What project are you working on now?

    Waiting for my first solo exhibition, and preparing for it.


    Who inspires you as an artist?

    Valentina Razenkova, Di van Niekerk, Ann Cox, Svetlana Gerasimov (Russia).


    What is the biggest problem for you as an artist?

    The lack of necessary and various ribbons in Italy. In Italy, they have satin ribbon, which are hard…and to use silk
    it is very expensive. So I have to buy them in Russia and Ukraine. Oh, and the lack of money from people here in the South of Italy makes it difficult as they often cannot afford to buy artworks- this is a luxury, they must think about their daily bread.

    What’s the last great book you read?

    Dale Carnegie’s book about the ability to find contact with people.


    What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?
    Unfortunately, I have no studio or even a small workshop, I do all my work at home. And the mostly I just need free time :)


    If you could give an advice for a novice in your field, what would it be?

    I would advise not to be afraid of difficulties because you can always fix the ribbons you embroider. Ribbon embroidery is very interesting, exciting and brings happiness and creative satisfaction. Through this creative journey of ribbon embroidery I have met people such as Valentina Razenkova. Who for me, is a wonderful inspiration and woman, to whom I would have walked all my life, without tiring.



    If you want to see more of Tetiana’s works, please visit:

    Her facebook profile*

    And website


    Thanks Tetiana for sharing your embroideries and insight to your embroidery world with us.  Please leave any comments about this post or Tetiana’s beautiful work below, we’d love your feedback, and please share with friends who you think would love to read this article!

    Sharing 13 artist and artisan Christmas art works

    Over the past two weeks I have been enjoying all of the artwork with Christmas themes which have been shared on facebook.  So I have invited 13 artists and artisans to share their Christmas art works and a bonus how to video from Fiona Stolze, in porcelain painting, oil painting, decorative art, botanical painting, embroidery and more.  I hope these artworks inspire your day…and maybe you’ll create a Christmas artwork yourself!  The following artworks are in no particular order.

    Silk painter and artist Fiona Stolze from Silk and Art

    Porcelain from Artesana En Porcelana

    Porcelain artist Brian O’Sullivan from Hillgrove Porcelain Ireland

    Watercolourist Solveig Rimstad

    Artist and designer Pablo da Luz

     Figurative Artist Phil Beck

    Decorative artist of Romantic style furnishings Debi Coules



    Silk ribbon and embroiderer Ewa Kokowszka


    Porcelain artist Patricia Zellmer from Art on Porcelain

    Mother and daughter artists from Corilees Cottage, Donna Lee Parella and Corilee 

    Artist in Porcelain and other mediums, Mary Gosden

    Botanical Artist Sigrid Frensen

    Watercolourist Trevor Waugh

    I just want to thank each of these artists who have shared their work, and if you enjoy their creations, please leave your comments below, and visit their websites or fanpages by clicking on the links, or share this blog post with your friends :)

    My silk ribbon roses tutorial featured in Creative Vintage Charm Magazine

    Check out my current tutorial  for silk ribbon roses on a hand painted background featured in the Fall 2011 edition of Creative Vintage Charm Magazine…you can buy it online from Magcloud

    Thanks Sonia for the opportunity to write for your beautiful magazine, I had a lot of fun putting together this tutorial on organza and silk ribbon roses on a handpainted background.




    My visit to Needlework DeLuxe (Рукоделие ДеЛюкс) in St Petersburg

    This is the last post about my trip to St Petersburg…it was a wonderful experience with many opportunities.  Among the many beautiful boutiques I visited and shopped at, Valentina Razenkova took me to visit to Needlework DeLuxe (Рукоделие ДеЛюкс) in St Petersburg. As part of my masterclass in ribbon embroidery with Valentina, we went to look at ribbons and discuss the materials she uses for her techniques.


    Ingrid Lee and Valentina Razenkova at shop Needlework DeLuxe


    Valentina explained about the types of colours she prefers to use when working with silk ribbons, such as using lighter colours as you can paint on them easier, if a ribbon is too dark it is difficult to create more depth :)


    The owner of Needlework DeLuxe (Рукоделие ДеЛюкс) is Maria Shilina, and she was very welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable in the ribbons and other beautiful embroidery items in her lovely shop.  Maria has a wide variety of beautiful ribbons, in sizes which I found difficult to get from my local embroidery store…so it was like shopping in a candy store for me!  So many beautiful ribbons :)  Thanks to Maria for your time to explain about the ribbons and the little extra tips and techniques you generously shared…it was a great time spent with you.  I look forward to seeing you again next year!


    Maria Shilina and Ingrid Lee, I'm showing Maria my websites and embroidery


    Please visit Needlework DeLuxe, they have an online store, but the shop had a wonderful variety of silk ribbons….I was in heaven, here are some of the ribbons I purchased, I will be very busy…the orange purple one I will make into violas


    Art study trip to St Petersburg, what did I really learn?

    I had the most brilliant and inspirational art study trip to St Petersburg Russia, in October 2011.  So, what did I really learn? HEAPS!!!!!   I had a wonderful opportunity to work with three artists, Valentina Razenkova, Alexei Nordin and Valerius Ivanov (click on each name to read more about what I learned with each of these artists)… and tour galleries and museums and be indulged in antiquity and beauty, and attend the opera and ballet, find cakes, go shopping all in 7 days!  And I have some great opportunities for a return trip next year.  So here is a quick run down of my week in pictures, enjoy!  If you wish to see more, check out my blog posts on Ingrid Lee Art, or twitpic or join me on facebook.





    As I wrote in my blog post on Ingrid Lee Art about books I read during my trip (mainly while waiting in airports or on the plane) about Gogol’s journey to St Petersburg to seek his fortune, and I was hoping to seek fortune of the artistic soul…well for me this trip showed me many examples of just living for the moment…a sheer pleasure, pure inspiration and new beginning.  I am the fortunate one :)

    Lastly, a huge thanks and hugs to these three artists who I worked with in St Petersburg, for their generosity, time and sharing their talents with me during my art study trip.  I’ve made some great friendships, and thanks to the internet we’re still chatting away…and look forward to meeting them all again next year!

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