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    Sharing 13 artist and artisan Christmas art works

    Over the past two weeks I have been enjoying all of the artwork with Christmas themes which have been shared on facebook.  So I have invited 13 artists and artisans to share their Christmas art works and a bonus how to video from Fiona Stolze, in porcelain painting, oil painting, decorative art, botanical painting, embroidery and more.  I hope these artworks inspire your day…and maybe you’ll create a Christmas artwork yourself!  The following artworks are in no particular order.

    Silk painter and artist Fiona Stolze from Silk and Art

    Porcelain from Artesana En Porcelana

    Porcelain artist Brian O’Sullivan from Hillgrove Porcelain Ireland

    Watercolourist Solveig Rimstad

    Artist and designer Pablo da Luz

     Figurative Artist Phil Beck

    Decorative artist of Romantic style furnishings Debi Coules



    Silk ribbon and embroiderer Ewa Kokowszka


    Porcelain artist Patricia Zellmer from Art on Porcelain

    Mother and daughter artists from Corilees Cottage, Donna Lee Parella and Corilee 

    Artist in Porcelain and other mediums, Mary Gosden

    Botanical Artist Sigrid Frensen

    Watercolourist Trevor Waugh

    I just want to thank each of these artists who have shared their work, and if you enjoy their creations, please leave your comments below, and visit their websites or fanpages by clicking on the links, or share this blog post with your friends :)

    My silk ribbon roses tutorial featured in Creative Vintage Charm Magazine

    Check out my current tutorial  for silk ribbon roses on a hand painted background featured in the Fall 2011 edition of Creative Vintage Charm Magazine…you can buy it online from Magcloud

    Thanks Sonia for the opportunity to write for your beautiful magazine, I had a lot of fun putting together this tutorial on organza and silk ribbon roses on a handpainted background.




    How to paint violets on fabric tutorials

    Here is a free series of tutorials I have done for any of you who are interested in a detailed explanation of how to hand paint on fabric for your ribbon embroidery.  In these tutorials I have painted violets onto muslin fabric, using acrylic paints.


    Painted violets on fabric for embroidery


    Here is the link to the photo of violets on my twitpix album.   This is the PDF file for the drawing used for this painting.


    Video 1: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 1



    Video 2: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 2

    Video 3: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 3

    Video 4: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 4

    Here are some other pictures of violets

    I hope you have enjoyed this series of tutorials. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments ;)  Don’t forget to like and share with friends you think will enjoy this post!

    Recipe and tutorial for handpainted tulip, raspberry layer cake

    I created this handpainted tulip, raspberry layer cake for my bon voyage party with some girlfriends before I go on my latest art adventure to St Petersburg Russia.  Here is the photo of the cake at the party….it is a graduated colour layer cake which has been flavoured with raspberry essence.


    The filling is raspberry cream cheese frosting, covered in fondant, and handpainted with royal icing tulips, also flavoured with raspberry.  And YES, it was as delicious and really flavoursome…I will bake this again.  In this post, I’ll also include FREE quick video tutorials on how to paint the tulips.

    I was inspired to paint this cake with tulips which were blooming in my parent’s garden…see the pics here.


    Recipe for Raspberry layer cake (I used a 9″ round cake tin, once assembled the cake is very high and very rich, and will serve 15-20 people)

    250g unsalted butter

    2   1/2 cups sugar

    1 teaspoon salt

    3 teaspoons vanilla extract

    2 teaspoons raspberry essence

    7 egg whites

    1 egg

    2 1/2 cups milk

    4  1/2 cups plain cake flour (don’t use self raising flour for this recipe)

    2 1/2 tablespoons baking powder

    Wiltons Rose food gel and Red food gel


    1) Grease a spring form 18cm round tin and line with baking paper.  Pre heat oven to 180 degrees C.

    2) In a bowl stir together milk, egg whites, whole egg and flavouring.

    3) In another bowl, sift together flour and baking powder and salt.

    4) In an electric mixer with bowl and paddle attachment, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Add flour, the while the mixer is running, add liquid mix, once combined, turn speed to high and beat for 1-2 minutes.

    5) Pour mixture evenly into 5 bowls.  Add a 1/4 teaspoon or less of the colours I use Wilton’s food gel colours of red and pink for the darkest layer, and just rose for the other pink layers, adding less food colouring to each batch to get the graduated look.

    6) If you have two tins lined and ready to go, it will speed up the baking time.  So you will bake each colour separately.  Pour in the mixture of one colour into the pan, flatten it out and bake for around 18-20 mins or until set, and a skewer comes out clean.  Remove cake from oven , and pan and cool, then add next coloured batter and repeat process.  Bake at 180C.

    7) Allow all layers to cool completely before frosting.


    Raspberry Cream cheese frosting

    250 grams block of light Philadelphia cream cheese

    250 grams unsalted butter

    500 grams pure icing sugar, sifted

    2/3 cup of strained raspberry dessert sauce


    1) Beat butter until fluffy then add sugar, until the sugar has dissolved.

    2) Beat cream cheese with electric beater until light and creamy.  Add this to butter mixture, and beat until combined and smooth.

    3) Add raspberry sauce, and mix well.

    This will make enough frosting to fill between each layer, and crumb coat the entire cake.



    Assemble the cake

    1) Start with the darkest cake layer on the bottom, and cover with an even layer of raspberry frosting.  I then put that layer of cake into the freezer to set it, maybe for 5 minutes, then add the next pink layer of cake, repeat process until the final cake layer is on top.

    2) Crumb coat the cake with remainder of frosting, ensuring all gaps around the cake are filled.  Put into fridge for about 45 minuted until the outside has set firm.

    3) Roll out a packet of fondant icing and drape over cake, smoothing it down and trimming the bottom.


    How to paint the cake with tulips

    All of the tulips on the cake were free handed, following a circular pattern around the top.  Around the outside is a wave pattern of tulips, like they are flowing around the cake.


    Hand paint tulips with icing on a cake


    Hand paint tulips with icing on a cake

    Reserve a piping bag filled of royal icing which I tinted with purple, to pipe along the bottom edge of the cake.

    Mix one packet of royal icing, following the instructions on the packet.  Then divide the icing into 4 bowls, leaving one white, tint one with green and little blue, then another amount of icing with rose, and lastly some purple and pink….or whatever colours you want really!  The white is left as a highlight.  You’ll neeed a number 3 or 4 round brush to paint the tulips and leaves, and a number 1 script brush for stems and other leaf embellishments.  Make sure you add some extra water to the bowls to make the icing into a sloppy consistency.  I painted the tulips first, then added the leaves, and finished with the stemd.  Check out the FREE tutorials below.


    If you try this recipe, please share your photos on the fan page!  Happy Baking :)

    Learn something new!

    Are you tired of painting the same old thing? 

    Maybe you’d like to try something new and experiment a little, but don’t know how?

    Have you ever wanted to know how to create a contemporary piece of artwork or dabble with textures and gold leaf, but are too scared to make a mistake?

    I’ve created an e-Seminar which will help you develop and  brighten your colour palette, loosen up your brushwork, and play with texture pastes and gold leaf to create a contemporary feel to a painting.  You’ll learn something NEW!

    Even if you have limited experience in painting, you will be able to achieve great results with this e-Seminar, due to my step-by-step method of painting in acrylics.  See one of my student’s past works and comments.

    Contemporary Lemons and gold leaf using acrylics.

    Contemporary Lemons, Acrylics e-Seminar Ingrid-creates

    Contemporary Lemons, Acrylics e-Seminar Ingrid-creates


    Contemporary Lemons, Acrylics e-Seminar Ingrid-creates

    Contemporary Lemons, Acrylics e-Seminar Ingrid-creates


    For course costs and available times, click HERE

    How do Live e-Seminars work?

    During LIVE e-Seminars, you’ll have me on the screen in REAL TIME, teaching you with my video demonstrations every step of the way in a small virtual classroom.

    You will get a seminar booklet with more instructions and painting guides for you to use on hand during the seminar…it is yours to keep!

    There is an EXCLUSIVE facebook group, created just for my classes so that you can share your progress, chat with other students AND ME during the seminar period, for that extra support and sharing of creativity.

    Also, there are great discounts on materials by our e-Seminar sponsors and giveaways!

    The BEST thing, is that you can learn from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world!! All you need to do is check the date and the time zone you live in to attend the seminar.  If your timezone is not there, contact me and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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