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    Other Arty Stuff!!

    What is new for 2012?

    Hi everyone, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much in the New Year for 2012, but I’ve been really busy planning for my art exhibition in St Petersburg Russia for May.(yes, I’m going back!)..and I’m also teaching a Masterclass there too.  I’m also booking in other venues where I’m teaching masterclasses and seminars for this year too, and trying to juggle my return to full time work as a high school teacher, my business and life in general.  How will I cope??  Careful planning and accepting that I can’t do everything the way I want to ;)

    So what does this mean for Ingrid-creates or my other website Ingrid Lee Art?  Well, because my available time is limited, I will be posting fortnightly recipes now, but still keeping big feature articles of sharing friend’s artistic pursuits as I know how many of you enjoy them.  I will be making more free tutorials as well!!  And some other fun stuff along the way.  I aim to post probably once or twice a week where I can.

    My newsletters will be posted with new ideas, tips and information on a monthly basis…and I apologize if you you’ve been waiting for new information for a while….lots of opportunities have arisen and now I’ve had time to sit and sort them out!

    If there’s anything you like me to post more about, please let me know in the comments :)

    Lastly, I wish you creative prosperity for this year, and I’m sharing with you my last painting for 2011, called “Friends and Opportunities” 40″ x 40″  acrylics on canvas.  It is a celebration of all of the wonderful people I’ve met, friendships I’ve made, and opportunities which have presented themselves in 2011. To all of you who have followed and supported me and my work, my creativity and other passions, I offer you my warmest heartfelt thanks…this painting I dedicate to you.

    My silk ribbon roses tutorial featured in Creative Vintage Charm Magazine

    Check out my current tutorial  for silk ribbon roses on a hand painted background featured in the Fall 2011 edition of Creative Vintage Charm Magazine…you can buy it online from Magcloud

    Thanks Sonia for the opportunity to write for your beautiful magazine, I had a lot of fun putting together this tutorial on organza and silk ribbon roses on a handpainted background.




    Delicious cakes on my trip to St Petersburg

    Delicious cakes on my trip to St Petersburg…need I say more????







    I haven’t had a chance to eat lots of cakes, but I’ve tried to take photos, while eating as much as I could.  I’m not too scared of  the calories because I’ve been  walking everywhere…my feet are so blistered and sore!  Which is why I needed to buy new boots here- honest! My new boots are flat, instead of high heels :)











    So, I’ll do a quick photo journey of cakes….starting with some delicious chocolate cake I had at Ribbon Embroidery artist, Valentina Razenkova’s house.  This cake was a soaked chocolate sponge with a sour cream (smetana) filling on top of segmented oranges, and liberally dusted with cocoa….very delicious and rich, I could barely finish one slice!  Chai tea is at the bottom of the picture.



    Then I couldn’t help but take photos of these cakes which were available at the supermarket!!! (the first photo in this post was from the supermarket too!)






    I also got to eat hot, freshly baked apple filled yeast cakes from a street vendor at the train station, which were so good…I bake these at home, but somehow they taste better when it’s cold!!!  After a long day of walking, and I mean a long day of walking around Catherine’s Palace:


    I had the most delicious creamy, custard like hot chocolate topped with a tonne of mini marshmallows….absolutely divine, served alongside a slice of chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate glaze.



    Lastly, I enjoyed a delicious hot apple pie at La Presse restaurant  in the Nevsky Forum Hotel where I am staying.


    Oh, did I mention that each morning, on top of my cooked breakfast I’ve been eating danishes, syrniki or cottage cheese pancakes (I love making these at home, but it’s just as great when you don’t have to make them!) served with fried apple slices and more smetana (sour cream)…no I have not put on weight, I know what you’re thinking, I have actually lost weight on this trip :)  So back to the hot apple pie.  The pastry was a rich buttery shortcrust, filled with apple and a delicate baked egg custard.  It was served with the most delicious Russian ice cream…my Russian grandmother always sang praises about ice cream in Russia and how wonderful it tasted, she used to make her own here in Australia, and it does taste different…it’s not so much creamy, but it’s like a creamy rich eggy custard flavour, if that makes more sense.  Oh, and the strawberries were so sweet, unlike the massive sour ones back home in Australia ;)

    I’ll just tempt you a little more with a run down of the other desserts at the La Presse restaurant: Rapsberry puree, served with Blueberries and meringue; Strawberry cocktail with ginger, pepper and lemon sorbet; Classical Homemade Tiramisu, with strawberries and chocolate sauce; Fresh beerries with Vanilla sauce and caramalised sugar crust; Grilled pineapple, with Icre cream and Strawberry couli…I just need to come back here again to try these all :)

    When I get home, I will try making a version of the custard filled apple pie…it was a lovely and delicate combination of rich flavours, that were cut down by the acidic green apples, and soft textures.  I’ll let you all know how the pie works out :)

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