Are you confident enough to create from within?

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Today I wanted to share some beautiful words from one of my dearest friends, artist Marie Smith whom I met over 12 years ago, back when I owned an art shop from where I taught art classes, seminars and sold artwork and retail art supplies.   When I first met Marie I new she was creative, but she simply lacked the confidence to express herself through art in a way that wasn't just making gifts for friends and family...I knew there was a deeper passion waiting to be unleashed ;).

Marie started oil painting classes with me.   From memory this was her first oil painting, prior to this she had completed a decorative painting seminar of cookies and milk.

After a few months I poached Marie from her job at the cafe across the road from my shop, and lured her to a world of creativity and art by employing her to be part of the team at Ingrid Lee Art (the name of the shop at that time).  I trained her teach my 'method' of painting across a variety of mediums.  Marie exhibited her artwork at local shows, and taught pastels, painting, landscapes and even dabbled in some contemporary porcelain while working with us, learning to develop her own style of artwork and how to unlock it in her student's works.  Her inspiring story then helped many other students who learned with us to take that first step to be creative and try something new, continuing the cycle of creativity.

I asked Marie to write a few words about her time working with me, and I thank her graciously for her lovely words....

" Hi my name is Marie Smith. I always had a burning desire to paint and create, but never had the confidence or knowledge to know where to start. When Ingrid Lee commenced her business in Melton, this was the beginning of my dream becoming a reality.
Ingrid not only taught me how to paint, she made me discover who I really was through painting.

Eventually Ingrid closed her shop to start a family, and I began teaching art classes myself.  With Ingrid's guidance I had a successful home studio business.  This gave me enough confidence to conquer another passion of mine, which was gym instructing. 
It is one thing to paint, and copy somebody else's work, but Ingrid went that one step further and taught me to create from within."


Marie Smith

Marie Smith

The wonderful thing about any creative journey are the wonderful friendships forged through sharing a creative passion, and for me, being able to inspire others, like Marie and you :)  to restore and find your authentic self and make a commitment your creative pursuits.

If you wish to rekindle your creativity or learn how to paint, check out my online seminars, or subscribe to the newsletter for fortnightly inspirations which may help you start your journey :)

Please leave comments for Marie about her artwork in the comments :)

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  1. Wow!! Marie, your work is amazing! Can’t believe how much we have all grown creativity wise since our art classes with Ingrid!! I miss those days, gossiping and brainstorming creative ideas with each other! :)

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    • Hi Kara, thanks for commenting…yes I miss those days too. Can’t wait to see you share some of your artwork here :)

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