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Hi! Thanks for visiting 😀 If you don't know me, I'm Ingrid Lee (B.Ed, Hons., M.Ed Research), an international award winning artist and teacher, and I created Ingrid Creates a few years ago.


In 2010 Ingrid Creates began as a simple blog sharing everyday creativity online, from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.  I shared all of the creative pursuits and interests I had or was exploring at that time, while I was at home with two small children: baking, decorating, embroidery, painting, my garden, flowers, porcelain painting, how to inspire creativity (based on my Masters Degree Research), music, nail art.


Here's a quick look

Journey of Ingrid Creates 2010-present



In the beginning, I really didn't know exactly where this would all go- I really didn't have concise marketing and business plans like I do now, but what I did know was that my readers and fans would help create how it would all work.  While I wasn't new to marketing or business in the online world,  it was still a big learning curve as I was doing this for myself not clients.

So, I kept blogging, figuring out facebook and started interviewing friends from my online networks who were also creative, and sharing their stories and passions with my readers.  I set up my youtube channel (see my first video) and other social networks to share my creative world as much as I could.  Almost a year later I started writing for my art blog Ingrid Lee Art, among other publications.

I learned that life became more fulfilling and focused the more I shared, trusted in myself, and made big choices.


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You see I was on a little personal journey at that time on many levels, and I would never have thought that my career and creativity would be opening so many opportunities as it has...international travel to teach and exhibit my art works, winning awards from the Queen of Thailand, being invited as guest artist to international events, painting from my soul in a way I'd never done before, meeting and making wonderful friends everywhere...the list goes on.  I still remember thinking while taking a morning walk in a forest, before teaching masterclasses in Sweden in May 2014, and then a few weeks later while sitting at a performance at the Philharmonic orchestra (from a chance invitiation in St Petersurg) how wonderful life was, how far my journey had come, and being grateful for those moments and opportunites...how much better could it get?  My online world had become reality.

Check out these three blog posts to see the scope of the journey for my exhibitions and also here: 1, 2, 3.

By 2012 I restarted a new company Ingrid Lee Enterprises figured out what I was doing, continued painting with more passion, exploring my truth, thinking and started to travel overseas and create my career.
By the way, I have been working for 20 years as a professional artist and teacher among other things, so this all didn't happen in one day... it's been and still is a big adventure! LinkedIn Profile


So how did teaching online come about? 

I really wanted to teach online since the beginning of Ingrid Creates- but my life, health, business and technology wasn't quite where it all is now.  I realised it was all about timing.  From 2010, I worked really hard to build a successful online business, carefully creating my brand and niche, and working out how to manage balance between family, painting, art, career and my own journey. I'm sure that part sounds familiar 😉  I trialed different online teaching methods, and the results were great- See them for yourself!

After another successful tour of promoting, demonstrating and teaching masterclasses in Europe of May 2014, I came home inspired to paint a new collection of works and start my online art school- it was time.  However, the online art school was in the pipeline for almost a year, searching for the right software which met my pedagogic requirements, which courses would work best and achieve the best results in an online format.


rusembIngrid's masterclass in St Petersburg Russia, 2012

10454916_732797343447446_8030902969352987968_nIngrid's masterclasses in Sweden, 201410308246_10203256211598746_8817163279295164695_n

6Demonstrations at APAT Sydney 2012



Awards at Thailand International Porcelain Painters Exhibition 2012


Ingrid's masterclass in St Petersburg Russia, 2014


The most exciting part was that I wanted to create a community environment as close to my students actually being here with me in my studio- just like I did when I opened my first art shop and gallery over 16 years ago.

How wonderful is that?


I'm really grateful to all of my friends and fans from around the world who have shared in my journey and help make this passion of mine and inspiration to everyone.

Now, from my studio is where I'll start my big welcome to you, and I hope you will join me and other creative people around the world in live classes and recorded courses, and community chats, webinars and events right from my professional art studio.



I really look forward to sharing my new techniques in modern porcelain, acrylic painting, mixed media and silk ribbon embroidery, all online.


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